Arduino Thermo-server

Automate a masonry heater with an Arduino.

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A friend of mine recently installed a masonry heater in his home along with an attached oven and hot water tank. He asked me if I could help him automate a water pump that passes hot water from the masonry heater to his hot water heater using temperature readings from the masonry heater as well as logging these temperature readings for later analysis.

The rest of this page contains details on how we automated his system including Arduino code, a data visualization web app, and a parts list.

System Description

Following are descriptions for each of the major modules:


Arduino Mega + Ethernet Shield

PowerSwitch Tail 2

Sensor Array

Data Logging + Visualization

Parts List

Here is a list of all the hardware used above as well as links to providers we used and recommend:

  1. 4 x K-Type Thermocouples
  2. 4 x MAX31855 Boards (now includes 0.1 uF capacitors)
  3. PowerSwitch Tail II
  4. Arduino Mega
  5. Arduino Ethernet Shield
  6. Adafruit LCD Shield Kit
  7. TMP36 Analog Temperature Sensor
  8. Passive PoE Injector Cable Set (if you are going to go that route)

Software and Dash Demo

The code for the Arduino web-server can be found on github. The dash app can be found in the same repo. An example dash instance (running off of simulated data) is also available if you would like to see it in action at

Authors and Contributors

Chris Cacciatore (@cacciatc)

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